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Everything is energy 

Energy can be negative or positive 

(energy ebbs and flows)

What we think of most -  tends to manifest

You attract to yourself that which you are

Situations and people show up on time 

There is no cause and effect - just evolution 

Show kindness to yourself and others 

Choose to live in gratitude everyday!

Energy is very real!

Thoughts are energy!

One of the most important areas of our lives that needs to be grounded is our self-esteem. Challenging negative thought patterns can help with this. 

Some of the negative messages that people repeat to themselves include statements such as "I'm a jerk" "I can never do anything right" or "I'm an idiot."  Most people truly buy into these messages, even though they are not true. People can also be hard on themselves by using words like must, ought, or should. These thoughts are hard to turn off. Primarily, these types of statements can set you up for failure. 

I can help you change these thought patterns - which ultimately will help you get on the road to a new beginning.